Favorite people: Chris Pratt

"It’s a little bit like Bigfoot, you know. If you see abs on me you gotta take a picture otherwise people aren’t gonna believe you actually saw it."


Sometimes I look up at the moon and think

Dame Judi Dench plays Dungeons & Dragons

She was introduced to the game by Vin Diesel on the set of Chronicles of Riddick

And now she DMs for her granddaughter

This is our world

No raccoons or trees were harmed in the making of this film.
My favorite part of the Guardians of the Galaxy's Credits (via tomhiddlestonlovesall)

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (USA - Germany - UK, 2007)


Archetype Inspirations - The Artist

They use chalk and oil to paint their skin, draw eyes and lips on canvases of long lost loves and long forgotten lives to remember (always remember) and never forget who they are.


so Charlotte Bronte read Emma by Jane Austen and was really interested in this minor character named Jane Fairfax who was poor and would have been a governess had she not married well and then Bronte wrote her own novel exploring the plight of the poor governess who married this guy named Edward Fairfax Rochester in a novel called Jane Eyre and my point is don’t let anyone tell you shit about fanfiction.


shark mermaids (insp, insp)

mermaids who roam the seas in packs and hunt terrified sailors.

creatures with powerful tails, sleek, hydrodynamic bodies, and mouths lined with several rows of sharp, serrated teeth.

lethal beings who can detect a drop of blood from several miles away and sense electromagnetic fields emitted by moving prey.

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